TEAM WORK was established in the year of 2002. At the very beginning, we were placing the print orders of our customers with other printers.

In order to strengthen our core printing business and to make us more competitive, we decided to set up our own manufacturing facility in 2004. The factory has started to operate in 2005.

With sound technical experience and innovative ideas, we have developed and produced our own educational games carrying the brand name of “Team Kids” for the local market in China since 2009.

Company Profile

Our 5-color printing press can print on a great variety of materials.
It is also equipped with the In-line aqueous/UV varnishing functions.

Our factory is located in Hengli Town, Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, China. The total factory area is about 76,000 square feet or 7,000 square meters. It is composed of the office building, the production building and the dormitory. With the complete production facilities, we specialize in the manufacturing of labor intensive works like educational games, board games, puzzles and novelty items.

We have a creative and experienced team of product designers which has been developing new novelty items.

We have an efficient workforce of about 200 people.

In order to cope with the current tight labor market in China and to improve the production efficiency, we are continuously upgrading our facilities. We installed the high speed automatic foil laminating machine and the laser mold making machine in 2014. The automatic UV varnishing machine was just upgraded with more handy functions in May 2016.